I live in Canada, but my heart is in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. ​I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy a sunny day and a good yerba mate. I am passionate about traditions, cooking, and painting.
I have always been an artist at heart. When I was 10 years old I discovered my passion: painting,  It was like love at first brushstroke, I knew that it was the one for me. I have been painting ever since. Many things have changed thenceforth, but my love of painting and this feel of necessity to create have stayed the same




" When my hobby became my passion, 

I listened to my voice,

and I embraced my identity as an artist "



Carolina Duran is a contemporary Bolivian artist. She works with a daring color palette, either with her figurative portraits or her abstract expression. She creates images with multiple layering, so diverse in temper, by means of stains and color, typically contemporary in the making, out of which her affinity with the expressionists and the fauvists can be easily traced. 

Her love for the arts began at a young age, Carolina used to spend her vacations in the painting workshops of the great artists in her homeland. She studied textile painting, drawing, acrylic, and oil painting. Years later, after going through a realistic stage, she discovered the greats: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Matisse, she comes across pure colors and freedom of expression. She delved even more into her artistic practice, her palette gets transformed, and she changed her style.

At the moment she focuses much of her attention on abstract acrylic paintings and contemporary art while constantly exploring, improving, and refining her artistic expression.





Oil Painting 

Glass fusion

Surface design

  • Visual arts knowledge and technical ability

  • Knowledge of art materials and their skillful use 

  • Artistic skills in using art media effectively to express ideas creatively, translate concepts, feelings

  • Artistic skill and competence to explore the integration of new media tools, technology, art, and design with innovative concepts.

  • Life-long learner involved in an ongoing process of discovery.

  • Problem-solving, self-discipline, and refinement of skills in various art disciplines 

  • Continuously striving to explore, improve, deepen and refine her artistic expression



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