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Paint is an essential part of who I am; I have known this for as long as I can remember. It gives me a sense of freedom; it is like therapy. I paint by intuition and experimentation. When I start on new artwork, I need to be completely alone, allowing myself to take time for introspection, unpack memories, research, and reflect. 
A big part of my art is texture, combining materials, collage. I mostly use acrylics in pure colors on different surfaces such as paper, canvas, and wood. Sometimes, I wouldn't say I like empty spaces, and I do it from end to end when I paint, filling the empty areas with patterns, flowers, or abstract figures with many layers of paint.
My style is contemporary, and my goals are to continue creating and never stop learning.

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Carolina Duran was born and raised in Bolivia; currently, she lives and works in Alberta, Canada. Carolina is highly trained in various artistic mediums, such as textile painting, gouache, oil, and acrylic painting. She possesses a distinctive and unique style that dances with abstraction and figurative motifs; her visual language shows the cultural influence.

After going through a realistic stage, Carolina comes across pure colours by discovering the colorists: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and later Matisse; her palette gets transformed by experimenting with exaggerated colours, composing their paintings based on wild colour contrasts. As well, as liberating colour from realistic depiction assigning emotionally charged meanings to it instead.

Carolina has exhibited individually and collectively over the past years. Her 20 years of experience delivering painting classes to children and adults have allowed her to develop an engaging, innovative, and multicultural curriculum that links art styles, history, and Latin American culture.

At the moment, she focuses much of her attention on acrylic paintings and she is facing a new challenge in creating a fresh chapter in her creative story exploring with paper clay.










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