I am a Bolivian artist, wife, and mother, based in Alberta, Canada. My palette is infinite, free and vibrant that together with the brushstrokes and textures caress the canvas with soft movements to end with wonderful and ineffable serendipity.

This is my website, a place to share my artwork, my passion...enjoy it.


How it all began.....…

I have always been an artist at heart, when I was 10 years old I discovered my passion: painting. Many things have changed since then, but a few things have stayed the same: my love of painting and this feel of necessity to create. I have been painting ever since


My inspiration

Painting is creating a story and I really enjoy the process of working with many materials that help me to tell it. I paint by intuition, replaying on the canvas the ephemeral thoughts that pass through my head and the resulting artworks are a reflection of my inner world







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" When my hobby became my passion, 

I listened to my voice, and I embraced my identity as an artist "





Carolina Duran is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Alberta, Canada. She was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, her colorful paintings pay homage to her homeland. She has a distinctive personal style expresses the vibrant spirit of the Latin-American culture.


Her love for art began at a young age. When she was a child Carolina studied dance and music. She had her first encounter with painting at the age of 13 thanks to her mother enlisting her in painting textile classes, thus started to experiment with colors, which later became her true passion.


During high school, Carolina studied technical drawing, later, she learned artistic drawing and oil painting, and after completing high school, she studied administration and finance.


During many years she experienced with pencils, acrylics, and oil using diverse techniques, but always returns to her main love... the acrylics, with which she feels a natural affinity that allows the flow and spontaneity that is essential to the feelings she wishes to express.


Years later she was trained in modern art theories and techniques in the School of Arts at NUR University in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Carolina delved even more into her artistic practice she evolved and changed her style.


In 1998 she opened her own art studio, where she taught painting to children and adults for many years. In 2003 she was a founding member of 'Mano Creativa', a creative space where she participated for 6 years in permanent exhibitions. In 2010 she moved to Canada where she has lived and worked since then. At the moment she focuses much of his attention on abstract paintings and contemporary Latin art while constantly exploring, improving and refining her artistic expression.




Technical drawing 
Oil Painting 

Acrylic painting
Glass fusion

Textile pattern design





  • Visual arts knowledge and technical ability

  • Knowledge of art materials and their skillful use 

  • Artistic skills in using art media effectively to express ideas creatively, translate concepts, feelings

  • Artistic skill and competence to explore the integration of new media tools, technology, art and design with innovative concepts.

  • Life-long learner involved in an ongoing process of discovery.

  • Problem-solving, self-discipline, and refinement of skills in various art disciplines 

  • Continuously striving to explore, improve, deepen and refine her artistic expression



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